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Streamline Your Sales Process

What are live transfers? Simple: They are the most innovative method for ensuring only the most qualified leads reach your business! Our team will compile leads generated from your online advertising and handle the follow-up process. Once we’ve determined which leads are most likely to convert for your business, we send them directly to you.

Live Transfers Save You Time (And Money)

As the old adage goes, time is money, right? You’re focused on running your business and don’t want to waste valuable working hours to sift through a massive pool of potential conversions. You may be so busy that it could also be difficult to follow up with leads within the first five minutes of receiving them or maintain consistent communication week-to-week. Our team will handle this important aspect of your operations for you, so that you can focus on what you do best.

Why Pre-Screen Your Sales Leads?

Digital advertising has opened more ways for your business to generate leads than ever before. Unfortunately, this also means that more unqualified leads will reach your business in addition to qualified ones. Missing out on higher-likelihood conversions can result in lost revenue for your business. Instead, by using a pre-screening service, you can skip this entire part of your sales process and only speak with leads that have an expressed interest in your products or services.

How Do Live Transfers Work?

The process is simple, and it allows us to maintain consistency for you. Here’s a breakdown of how each step builds towards better leads for your business. 


  • We gather leads generated from the custom-tailored ad campaign we design for you. 

  • The lead must complete a quick qualification survey so we can ensure quality. 

  • Our team uses this information to determine the most qualified leads for your business and reaches out to them directly through calling or email. 

  • If our team determines a lead is ready to or likely to convert, we will send them directly to your business so you can close the sale! 



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