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OTT Platform Advertising

Known by its full name Over-the-Top TV (OTT), which is also known as CTV or Connected TV, has taken the digital video world by storm. Hulu, Roku, and other similar OTT platforms have changed the way that people consume content. With many people cutting the cord of traditional cable, you can use this opportunity to your advantage and target people based on digital data that legacy media cannot harness in the same way. 

Benefits of Advertising on OTT Platforms 

OTT platforms have immense potential for advertising campaigns. Some reasons why they are particularly appealing include, but aren’t limited to: ​


Multiple viewers often consume the same OTT content at the same time. This means that you can reach multiple sets of eyes off of a single impression. ​

Eye-Catching Appeal

OTT content streams on the largest screens in the user’s home. This means your ads will certainly catch their attention in ways that smaller handheld screens cannot.

More Value Than Traditional Media

Why waste more of your budget-breaking through the barriers in traditional media advertising? OTT uses tangible, digital data that you can translate into a highly targeted campaign that reaches engaged viewers. 

We Know What OTT Results Look Like 

Our team has been at the forefront of OTT advertising since its earliest days and have kept pace with its ever-evolving nature since. Some of our team’s notable advantages that we can offer your business include:​

  • Over 100MM commercials delivered 

  • Customized campaign architecture and delivery

  • Human-driven quality control 

  • Manually vetted each platform for performance potential 


OTT Platform Targeting

  • Demographic Data - What are your target audiences interested in? We can capture this data and reach them more directly. 

  • Search Behavior - Leverage first-party search engine data to align your campaigns with user behavior. 

  • Geo-Fencing - Create a digital boundary around specific real-world locations to deliver ads where they will make the highest impact. 

  • Email Subscription - Has someone recently signed up for a website newsletter? We can extract this data and match your OTT ad to the most qualified users. 

  • Purchase Receipts - Has someone recently purchased something that’s relevant to your industry? We’ll find out and reach them, too! 

  • Site Retargeting - Re-engage with those who’ve recently been to your website. 



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